First Church Milton will celebrate All Saints Day, the first Sunday of November, giving thanks for all the Saints, who impacted our lives and the lives of others to this day.

Many households do not mark their calendars setting aside All Saints Day. All Saints Day would not be on our highlight reels. In fact, there are no long-term plans in most congregations to celebrate All Saints Day.

Truth is we’ll show up on the first Sunday of November; we’ll sing, “When the Saints Go Marching In,” and not be surprised. And then names of individuals will be read, you will hear the sounding of the bell, see a candle lighted, and in that very moment the light bulb will go off, the bell will sound and you will know we have gathered to celebrate All Saints Day.

Our Wesleyan faith tradition does not canonize saints by electing people to the realm of sainthood, nor do we worship those whom we recognize as saints. So why celebrate All Saints Day? We celebrate to express our deepest gratitude for the saints who have given their lives so that we might come to know, accept, and be God’s disciples.

The saints include those who first documented their witness of the life of Jesus (as Matthew, Paul, John, Luke), the disciples, and the first worshipers who started the Christian Church. We honor those who have shaped our faith traditions, like John Wesley, along with those who planted our churches. We pay reverence to those who helped grow and sustain the churches and faith communities through their gifts, time, talents, faith, and witness. And most personally, we honor those who were closest to us, planting the seeds of faith in our hearts, nurturing, and encouraging us on our faith journeys.

As we remember the saints of our own lives, our hearts will open with gratitude for our lives will never be the same as a result. 

I see All Saints Day not only as a significant day in the life of the Church but also in our lives; All Saints Day is a day of thanksgiving. And perhaps my friends, you will mark your calendars for the first Sunday of November 2020 and plan out your celebration.

Stay Faithful and Remember YOU, Matter,

Steve Warren, Pastor

Stay Faithful and Remember YOU Matter,

 Steve Warren, Pastor

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