Start your stretching exercises, warm-up, prepare yourselves for our journey into 91 Days of Prayer.

Over the next three months, [September, October, November], you will be provided a prayer calendar for each month. Listed on each day are names of individuals to remember in prayer. As a result, I pray we will be stronger in our walk with Jesus, one another, and as the Church, the Body of Christ. 

For your convenience, your September Prayer Calendar is available on-line, in the Penfield Center (Church Office, 6819 Berryhill Road), and may also be emailed upon request.

How are your stretching exercises coming? Be persistent; we have 91 Days of Prayer ahead of us. Don’t be overcome with excitement; we will need you to complete our mission every step of the way as we lift one another UP in prayer. 

Stay Faithful and Remember YOU, Matter

Steve Warren, Pastor