Mr. James Barbour, standing in his field, said, “Pastor, you need to be on your way, I’m about to say some words to my donkey that you don’t need to hear.” As I turned, Mr. Barbour hollered, his donkey reacted, pulling the plow, cultivating the soil. If your desire is for God to be in your life, then we must be intentional by plowing the soul.
Be intentional! Reset your heart, mind, hands, and feet in Jesus Christ. Know this a Reset! Jesus Changes Everything!
Be intentional! “Pray hard and pray through.” “Praying hard is two-dimensional: praying like it depends on God and working like it depends on you. It’s praying until God answers no matter how long it takes.” [Mark Batterson’s, The Circle Maker]
Be intentional! Through spiritual disciplines, cultivating your soul, producing “Fruits of the Spirit.” Through obedience, you will “Grow!”
Be intentional! Go beyond your boundaries, serving others. Remember, Jesus “came to serve, not to be served.” [Mark 10:45 MSG]
Be intentional! Be a good steward, recognizing God as first in your life by giving first to God.
Be intentional! Relying on God to empower the Church to reach God’s full potential so that others may experience, accept, and follow Jesus Christ.
Later in the day, Mr. James’s field was ready to plant. Are you?
Love All, Serve All Steve Warren, Pastor
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