The children will present
“Away in a Mango”
on Wednesday, December 18 at 6:30 P.M. 
The S.S. Mango is taking a group of nine passengers on a shopping excursion when they are caught in an unexpected storm and washed ashore on a desert island. As they wait for their rescue, they meet Johnny Coconut, who was marooned three years before. Some of the passengers are involved in the Christmas Concert aboard the main ship,, the luxurious Yuletide. They rehearse and prepare for a concern they are sure they will not miss because they have the hope of rescue. After all, the story of the birth of Jesus is the story of lost people, unable to save themselves, being rescued by the long awaited Savior!
Join the adventure
Sundays @ 9:45 a.m.
“Trackers of Truth is a program designed to develop the basics of Christianity in your children, instilling in them a knowledge where truth found in the Bible.”
These are Bible lessons
your children will love.

Children K- 5
are invited to participate in
Wednesday Friends
each Wednesday @ 6 p.m.
Debbie Lewis and Peggy Skipper provide Bible lessons, games and snacks for our children
and most especially an enjoyable hour.
Children K- 5
are invited to choir practice
each Wednesday
@ 5 p.m.
Monthly the children sing during our morning worship services under the direction of Dr. Anthea Mosley and Dr. Darlene Mosley. 
Investing  in the lives of
our Children is a Priority.