Mr. Miyagi [Pat Morita] taught Daniel LaRusso [Ralph Macchio] a breathing technique in the movie Karate Kid [1984]. Mr. Miyagi would often say, “Daniel, son, breathe in, breathe out.” Daniel would lash out at Mr. Miyagi, frustrated because he wanted to learn karate, not breathing techniques. However, those breathing lessons were beneficial to Daniel as he practiced and competed in competitions. Mr. Miyagi’s lesson helped keep Daniel focused. This Thanksgiving, let us heed the advice of Mr. Miyagi to “breath in, breath out,” counting our blessings one by one.


Sunday, November 28, will be an enjoyable day. The UMMen will host a pancake breakfast for all to enjoy following the 8:30 worship hour. We look forward to some hot pancakes, coffee or juice, and most importantly, fellowship around the table.


Our Hanging of the Greens service on Sunday, November 28, will start our Advent Season. Worship opens on the steps of the Church (weather permitting) as we share in opening remarks, placement of the Christmas wreaths, and a familiar tune led by Dr. Amos as we enter the sanctuary. Throughout the morning, we’ll sing, ponder scripture, reflect on history, light the first Advent Candle, hang the greens, light the Chrismon Tree as we take our first steps into the season of Advent. You’ll also enjoy the extraordinary music of our children, chancel choir, and Mrs. Kerri Turner on piano. Departing, we will share in our dismissal, knowing we are ready for our Advent journey.
Don’t forget Mr. Miyagi’s [Pat Morita] breathing technique. He taught Daniel LaRusso [Ralph Macchio]. To “Breathe In, Breathe Out” for a Happy Thanksgiving.
Love All, Serve All,
Steve Warren, Pastor