Lisa’s Mom, Anice Toole, provided Advent gifts for her grandchildren each Sunday of Advent. The grandchildren were always anticipating the gift they would receive. Their excitement grew all the more as they opened their Advent gifts. Annice loved every moment of seeing her grandchildren unwrap their gifts. 

As we travel the dusty roads of Advent, the anticipation will grow as we unwrap the present-day God has provided. Along the way, you will hear a voice calling out, “Are we there yet?” On band trips, Mr. Weaver often responded to such questions with, “Just five more minutes.” 

“Just five more minutes” is time to stop and enjoy the Advent season. Take each day and unwrap the gifts God will provide. Open a window on the Advent calendar provided by The UMChildren’s home. You might be surprised by what’s in store. Read an insightful Advent devotional from “Signs of the Sacred” supplied by the Society of St. Andrew. And on Sundays, light a candle on your advent wreath after sharing in the Advent reading from “The Upper Room.”

What were those gifts? I can barely recall. However, to this day, I remember the pure JOY Anice and her grandchildren experience on their way to Bethlehem. 

Love All, Serve All,
Steve Warren, Pastor