Hello Church!

If you’ve called the Church office in recent days, our telephone and internet services went out on Wednesday. AT & T assures us they will be out Monday morning to reconnect our telephone and internet services.

Earlier in the week, before the crash, you received communication that registration for worship is no longer necessary. However, we will keep a close eye on our numbers while following our guidelines. 

Even as we gather for in-person worship, our on-line venue continues. Plus, weekly updates will be emailed out and posted to your Church site: firstchurchmilton.org. The site will also provide the most recent videos connecting you to your Church Facebook page and YouTube Channel, Talks on the Blackwater. 

This weekend, we tackle FORGIVENESS from the Blackwater River, [Talks on the Blackwater], to the pulpit, [In-Person Worship to On-line, (firstchurchmilton.org)], asking ourselves difficult questions, “How do we: forgive someone who has hurt us? Overcome our painful emotions? Reconcile with someone who has done us wrong? 

The ultimate question is: How do we forgive?” Forgiveness is a redemptive act. It is essential to our: mental, emotional & spiritual well-being. Our message, The Power to Forgive, should be interesting. 

Prepare yourselves for Sunday, reading Matthew 18:21-25, viewing Talks on the Blackwater, “How to Forgive?” and, above all, pray. 

Stay Faithful and Remember YOU, Matter

Steve Warren, Pastor